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You connected to the daemon ▌ SOPHIAD
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text; daemon: apollod (some ambiguous late fair night)

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alec halp
evtythjng id terrriblr
im drumk anf sadd
can i comr to yoir plave
i ront want to.go homw
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1/2 i'm sorry

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i foutg w/vanyek
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and farrkai
god fuk it
is upset bc i made out w/jaden
wyatt??? is upser 2

its a mesd
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its nott gonba be ok
i ruinwd everythog

im in a place i dont even kno wherre
apollod cab hellp mayber

[ Ding! As if the canine knows his owner needs assistance, Alec will be sent Rose's current coordinates. She's conveniently not far from them, sitting on some curb of the street dejectedly. He'll probably be able to hear the sniffles and hiccups before he actually sees her. ]
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thunk i mighy vom if i stabd rigjt now so
nit movinf

see u so0n
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[ He is absolutely correct on both counts. Considering portals make her queasy whilst sober, it's likely for the best they avoid that. Walking is also quite a bit more difficult than she remembers, as shown by the way she wobbles unsteadily when she makes the move to stand and greet them. ]

Thanks [ SNIFF, SNORF ] guys, I-

[ A pause. She lifts a hand, pointing up her index finger in the universal 'wait a minute' gesture and says, ] ちょっと待ってください. (Chottomatte kudasai.)

[ Before turning away, bending over, annnndddddd puking on the curb. Amazingly, none of it gets on her or in her hair. What a la- No, wait, nevermind, she's uh.

She's crying again now. heLP
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[ Ah. Rose, sweet Rose.

Forget portals, Magnus will hurry over to her side, heedless of any mess, and immediately put a hand on her back for the purpose of comfort. Maybe some magic to settle her stomach is involved, but there's definitely an abundance of soft 'there, there, it'll be okay,' and probably some sympathetic looks. ]

You've had quite a time, haven't you, my dear?

[ This is a semi-rhetorical question. Magnus looks over at Alec, frowning very slightly.

Let it all out, Rosie, let it alll out. ]
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[ She would hug Magnus, honestly, if she didn't feel so queasy and gross still. Rose wouldn't even dream of risking his fine attire. The comfort is appreciated more than he knows.

Honestly, Rose can't remember the last time she drank until she was sick. It takes an effort to get her to that point. After Roxanne died, she thinks, which was in the nineties was the last time she can recall puking in any streets at least.

I have definitely had [ urp, sniffle ] a time, [ she groans. ] I fucked up everything.

[ Dramatically said, as she takes a sip of the offered water. It tastes just about as gross as anything likely would right now but she'll take it. ]
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[ Magnus' brow pulls together, furrowed with concern. When Alec mentions the water, he's quick to nod along. Yes, do drink a little water.

He's now rubbing her back a bit as he listens to what she has to say - much more concerned about her than the state of his clothing. ]

Oh, I don't know about that, dear. You may feel differently in the light of day. We can certainly talk about it more then, hm? [ He extends his other hand, as if saying, 'how about we go home and let you get some rest and then see what we think?' ]

There's a guest bed with your name on it if you like, Rose.
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[ When did water have a taste? Since when was it a bad one? Or is that just residual bile in her mouth, who knows. This sure is a night. ]

I know about it, Magnus. I know things are Not Good right now.

[ Though- ]

I do know I can walk, too, it's totally, [ 'fine' is supposed to go there but what comes out instead is an undignified squeak of a sound as she missteps almost immediately. ]

Alright, actually, maybe I. I wouldn't mind being carried.
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[ Magnus offers her a sympathetic expression and doesn't say much more. He's not going to force her to ruminate on whatever's happened, nor disagree with her while she's clearly hurting so. If an opportunity to talk more comes later, he will seize it the best he's able!

For right now, it seems like a good night's rest would be the best thing to attempt seizing next. ]

We'll get you home and go from there, how's that?

[ He's thinking more water and eventually something good for breakfast should also be on the agenda. It is quite possible he shares a look with Alec that is intended to communicate as much.

Or at least that he has a strong desire to help Rose. ]
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[ That's still the mentality she has, most times. It's what had driven her to run away from Vanyel in Eudio, what drove her to drink herself stupid and vomit out her feelings (both literally and figuratively). She just ruins everything and keeps ruining everything and maybe she'll always ruin everything.

But's she's also extremely drunk and emotional. It's also her first fight with Vanyel and Farraige, coming within what felt like just moments and was A Lot to deal with. She hates confrontation, she hates feeling like things aren't alright between them all.

Okay, [ she says. With about as much coordination as one can expect from a tiny drunken lady, she clumsily crawls onto Alec's back. Her legs are tight around his waist, arms looped lightly around his neck. She trusts him to not d1rop her despite how unsteady the world around her is. ]

I think, [ she starts, quiet and sad, ] this'll be the first time since I got here that I'm not sharing a bed with Vanyel.

[ Hope you're ready for the back of your shirt to become awfully damp, Alec, because that thought alone brought on a fresh batch of tears. ]
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[ Magnus accepts the bottle so Alec can help carry Rose in the direction of their home, watching both his husband and his friend with some concern. It grows still more profound when he hears what Rose says and then realizes she's crying again.

If she were standing, he'd reach over and hug her. He's more than familiar with how much it can hurt to be apart from the people you love in precisely the moments when you want nothing more than to be with them and tell them how you feel, to reconcile whatever's keeping you apart, be it personal differences, circumstances, or something else altogether.

Having spent as much time as he has with Rose, discussing the subject of love and relationships, he knows she's tried hard to make hers work. Maybe not necessarily in completely productive ways, but he's seen her effort.

He really feels for her. Hopefully resting up and getting sober will put her in a position to shed a little more light on what happened? ]

I'm sorry, Rose. [ He looks at Alec, as if seeking wordless confirmation on something. ] You're welcome to stay with us and I promise, my dear, we'll figure something out.
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Thanks, guys, [ clumsily, drunkenly muttered in-between sniffles and hiccups.

She'd prefer the woods still. It'd be less embarrassing, but- She also promised. Vanyel,
actually, was who she promised and that makes her heart ache anew. It wasn't just her this time being non-communicative, which... is hard to process. Perhaps harder still because she's drunk and it just isn't lining up in her head where exactly things went wrong. How to fix them just yet.

I think I might. Try to sleep.

[ It's hard with the world bouncing with each step Alec takes, but- Being asleep sounds more and more appealing than being awake right now, honestly. ]

Sorry for being such a sad sack.
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[ Magnus would second Alec's sentiment about the woods. Better somewhere with friends than alone. He lingers close by, walking in step with Alec and looking his way every so often. Looking his and Rose's way, really. It might be that he's doing some wordless communication with his husband, but he's definitely going to check in to see how Rosie seems to be doing every few moments. ]

There's nothing to apologize for, Rose, [ he offers, clear and unhesitating. ] Don't worry about anything except getting some rest.

[ Of course, he'd like it if they were meeting under better circumstances, but there's no reason to withhold help to a friend. For so many, many reasons. He's not glad there's a need for it, but he's glad to be able to offer at least this much in the way of help.

Thus, he'll keep in step with Alec all the way back to their place, though he will fall silent after this, in case she is going to conk out against Alec's shoulder. ]
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[ Rose is apologizing because she thinks her entire existence is a bother. Okay, well- Not really. She's come a long way since she first arrived in Eudio and actually believed that. Still. She's definitely having a night where those feelings are being dredged up. She can't help but think that maybe those who told her she was only good for destruction and would always ruin everything she touched were right.

Rose lapses into silence. Anything she says right now would be too self-deprecating to actually be funny. Though it might have seemed as if she'd fallen asleep, a huff of a laugh can be heard at Alec's comment.
] I can do laundry, [ she peeps up again, sleeping obviously a bit of a futile effort. ]

To earn my stay.
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[ Magnus nods in a way that's meant to be reassuring when Alec looks his way. They'll talk later? A raise of his brows is meant to convey as much. He then holds the door for both Alec and Rose, looking her way again when she speaks. Having talked to her as much as he has, there's a chance he hears a little of what's behind the words. ]

There's nothing to earn, my dear. [ A beat. ] Not to say you can't wash the shirt if there's a need, but you certainly don't have to.

You're welcome here. No "earning my keep" talk. [ Once they've been ushered in, Magnus closes and secures the door, moving around them to make his way to the kitchen. He's still holding the water bottle, but apparently he wants to procure a glass before they proceed to the back of the apartment. ]
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I will, [ she says to that. Even drunk off alcohol and sorrow, she's still stubborn as ever. One thing likely never to change with her. ]

Oh, gosh, please. I mean- Pretty [ hic ] sure I got the worst of it over with, but. Just in case.

I know Magnus probably spent a lot of time on getting this interior design just right.

[ Look at that, she's already trying to keep things light. She'll be back to her old self before they know it. ]
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[ Magnus shoots Rose a look, not unkind, but a little bit pointed. It's a look that's very reminiscent of a big brother. He then holds up one finger in Alec's direction, walking around the kitchen counter.

He talks as he goes. ]
You're right about that, Rose. Ask Alexander! Oh, so patient, mon chéri. I spent a good amount of time arranging and rearranging everything when we first moved in.

Which isn't to say that it's any trouble to clean up a bit now, you understand? [ He's going along with the lighthearted stuff because he fully intends to revisit everything else at the first possible chance when she's sobered up.

There's just no call to induce a worse headache than she already has. Aha, bucket! Bending over, Magnus reemerges with prize in hand. ]
How's this?
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Only ten? [ she asks, a ghost of a smile on her lips. He'd helped her arrange and re-arrange her home in Eudio. The smile fades as nostalgia starts to take root in her brain. She misses that place sometimes, honestly. She misses Eudio. Or maybe she just misses a time where Vanyel and her (almost) always agreed and hadn't truly fought. Even when she'd run away, they both apologized almost immediately and it was fine.

She's not sure this will be.

Oh my gosh, [ she says, after flopping onto the matress with all the grace of a dead fish. ] This is, like, the comfiest thing I've ever laid on. Or maybe I'm just drunk. But either way, this is so much more comfortable than the curb.

[ Apollod - who had followed them here dutifully - curls up next to the bedside. Hopefully, they don't mind one fuzzy addition to their house for the evening. ]
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[ Rose isn't the only one who experiences a flash of nostalgia. Actually, they don't know it, but they're reminiscing about the same thing for a moment. He watches her, thinking back to the time they'd spent together. It's a bit different here, isn't it? ]

I could've sworn it wasn't more than eight, [ he says, in a very obvious attempt to brighten up the mood and move away from his own, all the sudden heavier thoughts. ] Ten? [ A soft tutting sound. ]

[ In a downright comically serious tone: ] Maybe I'm getting senile in my old age. [ Oh, and by the way: ] Please, never feel like you have to sleep on the curb, my dear.

Just send either of us a message and we'll figure something out, all right?