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xistentia — info

CANON: Shadowhunters
AGE: 23
SPECIES: Nephilim
HOMETOWN: Idris & New York
JOINED IN: June 2017
HANDLE: charlie
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] midworld
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CANON POINT: Post 2x10.
CR AU: One year in Eudio.

» THE SIGHT & NEPHILIM PHYSIOLOGY The Sight allows those with angel blood to see what normal humans cannot, such as demons and other creatures from the Shadow World. The sight can be fooled, but can see through glamours and illusions, identifying vampires, werewolves, and demons, as well as certain disturbances (presence of magic, portals, ichor). Being part angel, Alec is stronger, faster and has more endurance than a regular human.

» ANGELIC POWER & RUNES Alec can mark his body with angelic runes with the help of a stele. The marks fade with time and must be reapplied, while some are permanent and can be activated. These runes have varied effects that go from creating heat, quieting sound, making the user invisible, tracking, night vision and improving existent abilities (strength, balance, aim) to providing nourishment. A list of available runes can be found here. Angelic power affects angelic weapons as well, and Alec's preferred weapon is a bow, although he knows how to use a variety of blades and hand to hand as well.

» PARABATAI BOND Alec's soul is linked to Jace's through a parabatai bond, which allows two warriors to draw strength and power from one another. Any runes drawn between parabatai will have a stronger and more lasting effect, and the two work in total tandem, like two halves of one, in battle. When they fight together, they are twice as powerful as when they fight alone.

» IMMORTALITY Magnus' incentive while in Eudio was to earn Alec's protection so that he could only die of old age. Alec can still be injured, but none of these injuries will lead to his death. After Alec has earned immortality as his incentive in Eudio, which means he has effectively stopped aging as of his arrival in Xistentia.

Alec has a very strong moral belief system, with a good sense of what is right and wrong. While he can be driven by his more negative emotions, he's stubborn about crossing lines he's not willing to cross, going as far as challenging authority figures when he believes them to be in the wrong. He will not hesitate to put anyone promptly in their place, even willing to physically fight someone to stop them. However, there's very little he wouldn't do for his family and loved ones: if Alec can be pushed to doing something he doesn't find moral, it would be for the sake of keeping the people he loves safe.

Alec is a trained soldier. His life so far has been spent leading groups of Shadowhunters into combat and missions to insure the safety of humanity. While he had a higher ranked position for some time and is capable of leading and being responsible for a group, Alec has had hours of terrain experience and will be a good addition to any mission, regardless of his position within the team. He'll be actively seeking to participate in the protection of the city and it's refugees, while helping the community on any allowed downtime.

Romantically speaking, Alec is married to Magnus and will not be creating other romantic bonds. His time in Eudio has however opened his mind in regards to friendship with people outside of his society, regardless of their kind and origins, as well as having allowed him to step outside of his comfort zone. He'll be forging bonds with new people and strengthening pre-existing friendships. Alec is more open to getting to know people than he's ever been, but this does not mean he'll get along with everyone. Some of his traits may cause him to clash with others, though this will never get in the way of any duties or cause for him to let someone come to harm.

While Alec will be participating in missions and fighting to keep the community safe, he will also participate in a more direct way by offering lessons in weapon use, archery, and combat to anyone who wishes. Long term, he might seek to establish some kind of organization with the other refugees, so there's a semblance of order and law established. Not only that, but Alec is curious and suspicious by nature, and would like to learn about the world they're in, the threat they're fighting, and what D.E.S.T.I.N.Y. and F.A.T.E.S. consist of in as much detail as possible. He will as easily sign up for exploration and recon as he would for battle.